Friday, March 16, 2012

Most read paper in Lipid Insights

Lipid Insights is an open access journal, meaning all articles are available for anyone to download freely without restriction. Open access journals are renowned for having high levels of article visibility compared to traditional subscription journals.

One good example of how open access journals can offer high visibility is 'Organization of Lipid Molecules within Biomembranes', published in Lipid Insights. This article has been viewed more than 4,739 times since its publication in 2008. This is the highest rate of viewing of all articles in Lipid Insights and shows how publishing open access can increase article visibility and how publishing in Lipid Insights can offer higher levels of visibility than restricted access alternatives.

Authors publishing in Lipid Insights will benefit from the extensive indexing including many open access exclusive databases and directories that do not index subscription journals.

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