Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pubmed and Open Access Visibility in Clinical Medicine Insights: Cardiology

Articles published in open access journals like Clinical Medicine Insights: Cardiology have been shown to receive more citations than articles published in restricted access journals.

A recent review of the studies on open access citation advantage found that 87% of previous research showed open access articles to be more often cited than restricted access articles. An article’s citation level gives a good indication of its visibility and impact, and in some subject areas open access papers received 600% more citations than restricted access papers.

The mean difference in citations was 176.75% in favour of open access, meaning papers published in open access journal almost always get a considerable citation advantage over those published in restricted access journals.

During January, Pubmed Central statistics showed that Libertas Academica has 1,245 papers available for anyone to download for free. These papers received 30,487 views, including 8,416 downloads. The most popular paper was viewed 667 times during the month. Including abstracts, figures, tables, supplementary data, and cited-in lists, Libertas material on the Pubmed Central website was viewed 59,356 times.

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