Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Join the Biomedical Informatics Insights Peer Reviewer Community

Libertas encourages readers to register to join the Biomedical Informatics Insights peer review group. Being a volunteer peer reviewer is a great way to support Biomedical Informatics Insights and assist your colleagues who have submitted manuscripts to the journal.

The peer review process has been designed to make this vital task as quick and well-organized as possible so reviewers’ time is used efficiently. This means that reviewers can focus on assessing papers rather than navigating obstructive web interfaces.

We survey our peer reviewers to maintain an understanding of their perspective on the peer review process. The feedback from peer reviewers has been overwhelmingly positive:

Dr Sharilyn Almodovar says: "I was pleased to serve as a peer reviewer for Clinical Medicine Insights: Therapeutics. Its scope will hopefully blur some of the lines that still exist between clinical and basic science. The diligence of the editorial staff ensures the review process is fair, fast and very well-organized. I highly recommend potential authors and reviewers to submit to and review for this journal."

Dr Ajay K. Nooka says: "It was a pleasure and honor to be a peer reviewer for Libertas Academica. The review process is extremely streamlined and seems effortless; at the same time yielding high quality material. Great balance."

To register now visit the peer review registration page here