Monday, January 5, 2009

International Journal of Insect Science launched

I'm pleased to announce the launch of International Journal of Insect Science, an open access peer reviewed journal published by Libertas Academica.

The journal is fortunate to have the support of an excellent Editor in Chief, Dr Helen Hull-Sanders, and an internationally respected editorial board. An interview with the Editor in Chief was published in this blog today.

Register to receive automatic notification of new articles and journal news here. The Editor in Chief's introductory editorial will be published within the next week.

Libertas Academica looks forward to working with the journal's Editor in Chief, editorial board and authors and readers in the future to bring the benefits of open access publishing to this important field.

Aims and scope:

International Journal of Insect Science is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that covers the ever expanding and economically important field of insect science. International communication and collaboration is becoming crucial to understanding and controlling insect pests and this journal acts as a forum for these findings.

International Journal of Insect Science covers all aspects of entomological research. We are interested in promoting research from all continents with the highest caliber of information, from the basic and experimental to the applied. Papers on all facets of insect science are welcome, including behavior, development, ecology, evolution, genetics, morphology, plant-insect interactions including pollination, physiology, reproduction, systematics and relationships with the environment, including invasion biology.